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Reclaiming a safer India where every women and child feel safe, grow safe and participate actively in the progress of the country.

#Empowering women mentally, emotionally and physically...

#Assess danger and manage fear

#Raise awareness

#Develop knowledge and awareness

#Learn and develop physical skills to escape

#Realise your physical potential

#Various CSR Activities only for women

(Shito Ryu Karate Do Kensho Bugei Kai Intl)

Shito Ryu Karate Do Kensho Bugei Kai Intl. A parent firm of KBK-Raksha, was founded by Shihan Haridas and Sensei Venugopal in the year 2011 with the purpose of imparting training in Authentic Japanese Karate to the youth and children of Pune and in the process to help build a strong and fear less character in children and women.

KBK-Raksha is planned as an organization under Shito Ryu KBK, working in the field of women and child empowerment. It was created by Dr. Komal Bansal and Shihan Haridas to help focus on women and child empowerment related activities. Presently it is a subsidiary of Shito Ryu Karate Do Kensho Bugei Kai Intl but soon, becoming an independent unit that will work diligently in the field of women and child empowerment.

Shihan Haridas Govind, actively conducts the self defense workshops under KBK-RAKSHA and is playing a mentoring role in designing all other programs. Dr. Komal Bansal and Mrs. Neha Shrimal with their untiring exuberance, pledges to grow the activities of KBK-RAKSHA in the favour of the society.

Shihan Haridas Govind        

Dr. Mrs. Komal Bansal         

Managing Director
Mr. Anurag Bansal               

Marketing Head
Mr. Aakarshan Rai               

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Services Overview

  • Self Defense Sessions for Women & Girls
  • Leadership Programs only for Women
  • Safe Parenting
  • Work Life Balance
  • Mindfulness And Spirituality
  • Cyber Security
  • Outdoor and Indoor Events specially for Women & Girls

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Mobile: (+91) 9168297722/11
E-mail: info@kbkraksha.com