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Corporate Social Responsibility

We know and respect the fact that partnerships with corporates is not only limited to financial transactions. As they have trusted us, we carry a big social responsibility on our shoulders. We as services providers need to be on a common platform to maximize a positive impact on the society under the patronage of the corporate organization.

Our Approach

  • Identifying value matches for corporates
  • Creating a dedicated platform including the team of trainers, managers, social workers and volunteers
  • Managing the costs of project effectively
  • Drawing up a clear project plan that lays down goals, scope of work, timelines and responsibilities
  • Creating change and maintaining momentum
  • Assessing impact through accountability by developing Pre-Impact and Post-Impact Reports
  • Communicating the results of a successful partnership via press releases, blogs, CSR reports and website updates
  • Sustainable and long term partnerships to attain an impactable change
  • Transparent and timely execution of projects
  • Due diligence

Scope of service

  • Self-defense sessions for working women, School girls and college girls
  • Self-security and crime awareness sessions for house makers
  • Self-defense and self-security for underprivileged women and girls
  • Self-security for differently abled children and women
  • Security against cyber abuse for women and girls
  • Mental empowerment sessions for working women, school girls and college girls
  • Mindfulness and awareness sessions against anxiety and depression
  • Handling stress and work load for working individuals and college students
  • Introducing 'Empathy for better future' a crucial course to reduce crime in school and college students
  • Educating kids, parents and ecosystem about child abuse
  • Safety measures and protection measures against child abuse
These are the most crucial social issues prevailing in Indian society these days. Make us a partner in your journey to make India a better place for women and children to live and dwell happily.

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Services Overview

  • Self Defense Sessions for Women & Girls
  • Leadership Programs only for Women
  • Safe Parenting
  • Work Life Balance
  • Mindfulness And Spirituality
  • POSH (Prevention Of Sexual Harassment) at Workplace
  • Outdoor and Indoor Events specially for Women & Girls

Contact Us

Mobile: (+91) 9168297722/11
E-mail: info@kbkraksha.com